Sunday, September 7, 2008

Neko Scca solo II event

Saturday I attended The NeOk Scca September to remember Event day one. I did eight runs around the course.It only took runs five to make a clean finish. It's actually a lot harder than it looks, When those cone are coming up on you fast you HAVE to discern what direction you need to go next and how to set up the next corner in a matter of a split second if you miss a cone you DNF, it is quite a rush. You can run up to two "classes" per day.Each class you pay for gets you four runs on the course. The cars class was the first four runs, 3 DNF's (did not finish).Second Class was the driver level, I was entered into Novice.Out of the 20 plus I was 11th.All in all it was really fun.I did some ride alongs as well, some of the guys out there are fantastic drivers.Here is some photos I took.

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